So, I’m not actually writing a review. I don’t own the Homepod, and to be honest, I wasn’t really planning on purchasing one. I have an impressive home theatre set up at my apartment, connected with a pretty impressive analog vinyl system that I spent a pretty impressive amount of money on. I also own a Google Home device that I only really use as a “$100 Weather and Timer Machine.” So it’s safe to say that I’m not really the right demographic for this product. But that might change after reading this one Redditor’s rigorous and thorough review.

Click here to read the review by /u/WinterCharm

If you’re looking for a TL;DR, let me try and break it down, while keeping the integrity of the original post. /u/WinterCharm is a well known audiophile that reviews products on /r/audiophile. With the help of a couple other redditors, /u/Arve and /u/Ilkless, WinterCharm was able to take a Calibrated Microphone to analyze the sound coming from the Homepod, to allow other audiophiles to compare against their favorite speakers and home assistants. There’s a lot of technical language used, so if you’re more of a casual music listener, the gist is this. The Homepod produces exceptionally crisp highs, with true to life vocals, but the real impressive part being the tight bass response being rendered at high volumes. Other reviews from less advanced audiophiles all agree the Homepod is easily the best sounding Home Assistant to back up the scientific data. While the price tag and value is ultimately up to the consumer, it’s safe to say, this thing sounds great. And as someone who own’s almost everything in the Apple ecosystem, it’s caught my attention. God damn you, Apple.