Rumors are swirling around Nvidia’s new graphics cards. People debated on the name. Would it be a 20xx? series? Or maybe 11xx? Will it feature a new architect? Will there be a Founder’s Edition? When should we expect it? Well here is what we know so far.

Mar. 26 – 29th

So Nvidia is reportedly to make a full announcement and launch at GTC (Nvidia’s GPU Tech Conference) this March. We’re unsure of an exact release date for the cards, but from past releases we can expect it to drop sometime this summer.


We are also aware that the GTX 20xx will be based on a new architecture known as Ampere on 12nm chips. Ampere has already been subjected to a few leaks. What happened to Volta you say? Nvidia seems to be just skipping it. I believe it’s because of the memory shortage, and since Ampere will utilize the new Samsung GDDR6 RAM’s, it will allow Nvidia to drive prices down on their 10 series, as well as entice people to move towards the 20 series stabilizing the market. The sooner the better, since prices are STILL wildly marked up.


Right now, pricing is unknown. Speculations say we’ll see similar 1080/70 prices with performance reaching 1080ti. So around $450-600 for $700-800 worth of performance.  This is all speculation, and I expect prices to be a bit higher. RAM shortages are still in effect, and knowing Nvidia, they will do what they can to maximize profits as well as offload all those 10 series cards.

Finally, all this is subject to change. This is all rumors and leaks, and nothing is final. We’ll just have to wait and see what Nvidia has to offer. I personally can’t wait. I love when a new run of GPU’s are released. That said, my GTX 1080ti has been serving me VERY well, and I’m not too sure I need to upgrade for quite some time. Though, Nvidia always does get the best of me.