Okay, so maybe not exactly Pokemon.

However Path of Exile, the indie action role-playing game from Grinding Gear Games is seeing a new set of content coming out on Friday. In the new league, “Beastiary” GGG are adding items that allow users to capture monsters that are in the game to add to a collection. You can keep all of them in a menagerie and even look at them. Sounds adorable, right? Well in true Path of Exile fashion, a dark and gritty game in the Diablo vein of games, instead of raising these poke- erm monsters you just keep them until you have the right amount of them. Then you can use them as the games newest crafting mechanic, turning them into items, skill gems, and possibly more. How does one go about doing that?


Of course, you the player puts them all down in what appears to be a miniature boss fight to be able to use their powers, or corpses, for your new shiny loots. Also included in this full 3.2 featured league are the general loads on new items with interesting to down right amazing effects, as well as a massive rebalancing of the games classes.

If that all sounds interesting, check out the game here and I’ll see you in the new league starting this Friday, March 2nd 2018 (or roughly one day and eighteen hours from this post).