Lets get into this. For around the past six or so months, I’ve been debating on getting a new computer case. Mostly as in the summer I rebuilt my computer into the sexy beast that it currently is. However at that time, due to funds, I just went with the cheapest computer available to me which ended up being some random new-ish Deepcool product called the Shield. While it is by no means a bad case, offering a power supply shroud for hiding wiring and a cheap acrylic panel to see those lovely parts inside, it is no where near to what I like to look at day in and day out. Seeing as I leave my computer on my desk usually as a statement piece (as well as not being an animal and leaving a multi thousand dollar tool that’s incredibly liable to things like dust by my feet on literally the dirtiest part of my house) as well as making it easier to hot swap things, I want a case that fits my style better. More importantly as well, I want a case that will allow my computer to be all that it can be. This has left me constantly going through things, always looking into what makes cases tick, and getting way too deep into the cooling game. I think at this point I’ve gone through enough research to be able to get concerned about the difference of a tenth of a degree difference when its delta over ambient in the same standardized test.


I might just possibly be in too deep. This is what happens when you’ve binged YouTube case videos for over six months.

It does however make for a decent conversation to have to me. What makes a good computer case? A vast majority of cases I’ve owned I still actually have. They still work in various builds. What is it that makes me want that new one? Is it really the reasons I’ve told myself? Or is it just a dick swinging contest to have over the internet? Well, yeah it is. Definitely. Yet it’s still mostly due to what I want out of my computer. It lives on my desk, and I am the only person save for my girlfriend who has to look at it for over ten hours every single day. At that point, making it into a work of art makes sense.

When it comes down to it, if you are spending close to or more than $100 USD on a case it should have good thermals

So obviously given those parameters, aesthetics mater to me. It has to be a case that actually looks good by itself but also in the environment of monitors, speakers, accessories and IKEA desks. That leads me to wanting a clean design. That’s personally my design hard on. No logos, no glaring leds, no random plastic crap. Its something that should be able to be held up even in ten years and have someone think it looks as clean as the day I got it. On top of that thermals matter. A lot. If I end up going through with this, there’s no point if the thing chokes current hardware, let alone not even leaving breathing room for the future. That’s actually the biggest problem in most current case designs. In the effort to make everything a beautiful piece of art of tempered glass, a vast majority of cases have completely thrown the function out.


For me personally, ease of the build matters much less than those two. I’ve been building computers for over ten years now, including in some of the cheapest cases money can buy. While how easy it can be to build is definitely preferred, and I would even rate highly for first time builders, this is of little interest to me. However, the main cases I have mostly boiled my list down to are breezes to work in which is nice.


When it comes to those thermals they mostly shine, with one taking the cake. When it comes down to it, if you are spending close to or more than $100 USD on a case it should have good thermals. I don’t understand how for a lot of cases that isn’t the case (boo). If I’m spending that much and don’t have room for at least a 280mm radiator as well as enough fans to not choke the GPU then what’s the point. If it chokes your hardware then you’re just shooting yourself in the foot and ultimately wasting money. Luckily, these cases fit that bill.


The case I am most likely going to purchase as it leads the top of all of these criteria, as well as being by far the best at thermals is the Fractal Design Meshify C. The other big boy that I’ve limited a list down to is the NZXT S340 Elite. The S340 has arguably the better looks design wise, while the Meshify C comes close but just spanks it when it comes to thermals. Who would have thought. It’s almost like leaving mesh on a computer so it can breathe can still be a good thing. Other cases that seem interesting however and have definitely been considered are the Cooler Master H500P Mesh (Make sure it’s the mesh version, the acrylic strikes me as crap), the Corsair 275, NZXT H700i, Fractal Define R6, Dark Base Pro 900, and Thermaltake for their wackiness. The biggest cases that could possibly change this however are the Lian Li O11 Dynamic and Air. These cases look great and seem to emphasize my entire list of what I find important. So that’s honestly why I’m waiting. I want to know if these cases are any good.


That’s my train of thoughts currently however, on the world of computer cases. Most of that list you definitely couldn’t go wrong with. However, I’m curious as to what you might be thinking on this topic. What makes a case good to you? Or is it even important to you? Should it make a statement? At the end of the day, its importance is up to the user but regardless, for the love of however much you spent on it, get it off the floor.