Do Not Do What He Just Did

In the video above, I go over the absolutely atrocious statement Filip Miucin, ex-IGN reviewer fired for plagiarizing smaller YouTuber “Boomstick Gaming’s” Dead Cells review, made trying to clear up the situation and (unsuccessfully) clearing his name. I break down each part of his response and explain how it might be used in the future as the exact OPPOSITE way to respond to a plagiarism scandal.

From the way he denies full responsibility by saying things like “there were a lot of circumstances around the situation,” to claiming others in the industry plagiarize as well, to refusing to apologize to the channel he so clearly ripped off, to attacking the credibility of Kotaku News Editor Jason Schreier by claiming other instances of plagiarism are “ridiculous” and unfounded. Miucin does exactly what you shouldn’t do, and it’s worth a look, mainly for a laugh.

Do you think Miucin’s career is done? Do you think IGN can recover? Do you think Kotaku was wrong for bringing up other instances of plagiarism? Be sure to leave any comments you have on the situation down below.