The Massdrop ALT

In the video above, I take a look at the Massdrop ALT keyboard. It’s a 65% keyboard (smaller than TKL, but slightly bigger than 60%), with a solid aluminum body build, keyed RGB lighting with an RGB strip around the base, shine-through double-shot PBT keys with a media blasted finish, DUAL USB-C connections so you can plug it in on either side, and best of all, a PCB that allows for hot-swapping switches without any solder. It’s truly a unique & very customizable keyboard with excellent build quality.

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There’s no denying the build quality from this keyboard. As soon as you feel it, you know you have a premium piece of hardware in your hands. It’s so luxurious in that regard. But of course, this comes at a price tag. I purchased this board for $175, which is expensive, but still a bit lower than most luxury mechanical keyboards. And what you get out of this board, is so much more than what they’re asking for. Mainly because of the hot swappable switches. If down the line I want to change to a linear switch, it’s as easy as putting on new caps. There is so much value in that. Say down the line, a new switch comes out that is a must have. Well instead of waiting for another $300 board to be on sale (which is a hassle on its own in the craft mkb space), all I’d need to do is swap in the keys. I also love the idea of having multiple types of switches on the same board. So with build quality top notch, two USB-C ports, RGB lighting, excellent stock key options with top-tier doubleshot PBT stock caps, and of course the wildly unique hot-swap PCB, I think it’s one of the bets mechanical keyboards on the market.

4.5 / 5

With amazing feel & build quality, excellent stock switch options, and the ability to upgrade switches easily without soldering, it’s a must have for anyone looking to get into the MKB scene.