In the video above I give my first impressions on the Anthem Demo, Beta, whatever you wanna call it. As someone who enjoys, minimally, Destiny, I was hoping that Bioware’s new epic-space looter shooter would bring more to the table. Unfortunately, I’m still left with a feeling of wanting more. It seems it’s a Destiny clone, through-and-through, with the added ability to fly, and a 3rd person perspective. While the added flight mechanics are great, and they play wonderfully, I’m not sure it’s enough to sway Destiny players, and I’m not sure there’s enough for casual shooter fans. The game is also set up like Destiny, where you inhabit a mission hub, where you talk with NPC’s to receive quests, then you jump into a World Hub where your missions are placed. So while the world hub is a bit more open than Destiny, a welcomed addition, it’s still not quite an “Open World” or “Open Galaxy” game. Which I think could have separated the game from Destiny. So what you’re left with is a game full of Bullet-sponges, set up in the same way Destiny sets them up, with a (slightly) different set of paint. Take that, and throw in a ton of glitches and performance issues, as well as a healthy dose of game crashes, and you have the Anthem demo. Let’s hope there’s a lot more to offer in the final release.