In the video above, user FCPdotCO shows the new Apple Macbook Pro’s natively playing back and scrubbing through 8K HDR ProRes Raw footage. This is wildly impressive, especially considering we’re not seeing any stutters in performance. The scrubbing is especially impressive, showing almost 1080p quality timeline skipping. The machine in the video is using the 8-core i9 running at 2.3ghz with 16gb of RAM and the new Radeon Pro 5500M 4gb GPU. So not even the most top specced model, though with the most top specced GPU. What is also interesting to note is that FCPX will be releasing a new update once the Mac Pro is released, Mercury playback will be enabled for Raw files, enabling even better rendering times and playback. If you’re wondering about the base model 5300M GPU, check out Max Yurev’s latest video