Sony Interactive has released the latest look at their highly anticipated title Ghost of Tsushima. The open world ancient Japanese Samurai simulator also gets a date, set to release June 26, 2020. Many of us in No Life didn’t expect to see this title until the PS5, but it seems it’s ready for prime-time this generation – and we couldn’t be any more excited, with the end of this generation’s life cycle looking stacked.

To sum up my reaction on the trailer, all I want to say is YES. The trailer opens displaying that all of the gorgeous 4K footage is running on a PS4 Pro. Upon closer look it seems some of the footage playing at 60fps, where other parts are clearly running lower than that, perhaps around 30fps. But the presentation looks amazing. The detail of armor and character models are certainly next gen. The immense flowing foliage also impresses.

The game just looks drop dead gorgeous. We also get a look at some extra gameplay we haven’t seen yet. Lots of stabbing with Katana’s, lost of stealth, lots of parrying arrows, and lots of riding horseback through meadows. And we now know the story will deal with the mongol invasion of Japan. A story we’ve seen many times, but one that hasn’t been as viscerally executed in the current gen as this one. If you’re not excited for the last few games of this generation, I don’t know what to tell you. Things are looking great so far.