No Life Gaming: Ep. 43a - God of War

The God of War

In this episode, as you can tell, we talk about what everyone else is talking about, God of War. We give our first impressions, and Doobie gives a more thorough look (no spoilers, we promise). There's also a few other little news stories we chat about. Check it out.


Smartphone Studio - Create Content In Your Pocket

It might seem a bit obvious. Your cellphone being one of the most powerful tools available to us as creators. But I don’t think creators really *appreciate* the cellphone as a content developing/distributing/curating apparatus. This article, I’ll do my best to help you gain that appreciation.

The Camera & Mic

If you have purchased a new phone in the last year, we’re talking iPhone 8/x, Samsung s8/9, Google Pixel 2, well then you’ve entered in an era where smartphone cameras are giving DSLR’s/Mirrorless cameras a run for their money. Will it replace those cameras? No. But it does a perfect job accompanying those cameras. For instance, Live Streaming. Facebook and Instagram have an extremely powerful platform that allow us to livestream straight to our audiences at any given time. Use that to your advantage! People love feeling involved in the creating process, and that live streaming feature is a perfect way to let them in. Want to increase the production value of your livestream without much of a cost, or hit to mobility? Throw on one of these lenses and mic’s that will give your video a more personal look, as well as a much better sound.

Moment Lenses

Credit - Moment Lenses

Shure MV88

Credit - Steve Garfield

Don’t think of your smartphone camera as the last resort, or a way to capture silly moments of your dog. Think of it more as an extension of your filmmaking repertoire. A tool, a very powerful, and very mobile, tool, that has tons of uses.

The Post-Production

One thing I took for granted, was the physical power of the smartphone. I didn’t quite realize the pure procession power behind it. So I always did most of my editing on my PC or laptop. But the phones these days are extremely powerful devices. The latest iPhone is more powerful than most laptops, which is insane. Not too mention, the screens on these devices are some of the industries best. So why wouldn’t I edit my content on them? More and more I find myself out shooting in the field - both photo and video - heading to my coffee shop, uploading the content straight to my iPhone, and then sending it right out to my audience. No need to wait till I get back to the office, or run home, just to splice up some short video, or color-correct some photos.

Photo Editing

Video Editing

I will say, I don’t use my phone so much for much video editing. This is only because I often have my iPad Pro on me as well, and I find it’s just so much better in that case. But the mobility is still there, and being able to do my post production on it has been a godsend. For instance, I’m out at a convention. I take some great videos of a company’s booth and their products from my iPhone and want to show my audience. I’ll send those clips, through AirDrop, to my iPad, and finish my editing. All while I’m still right there at the convention. I don’t lose much, if any, quality at all, and I’m getting my content out there before anyone. I’ll be writing a more thorough tutorial on my mobile workflow later. For now, grab those apps and start learning them!


Now I’ve shot my content, edited it, and its time to distribute. Still, it’s as easy as ever on your phone (or iPad) to get your content out there. AirDrop is your best friend. The Android equivalent is Files Go, though I don’t have much experience with that. With Airdrop, you can seamlessly send any files from your Apple devices to each other. What I like to do is AirDrop everything to my iPhone, so I can post my content whenever, wherever. This allows me to take advantage of the most optimal times to post. There’s also Hootsuite (which I mainly use nowadays) where you can add your social media and youtube, and schedule when you want to post. No more am I left waiting around waiting to post something, sometimes forgetting, missing those opportune times. I just dump everything to Hootsuite, write my captions and tags, and schedule them, where Hootsuite automatically uploads for you at those specified times.


One thing I’ve not done so much of on my iPhone, is podcasting. I have a pretty elaborate & expensive podcasting set-up in my office, and it just makes sense to record there. But I’ve been looking much more into podcasting from the comforts of wherever the fuck I’m at. I’ve always seen as podcasting as this long-form 3 hour extravaganza that takes all day to produce, and all day to listen to. But I’ve seen more and more successful shows lately that podcast more in a “news” style, which uploads audio only news updates periodically throughout the day. It’s interesting, and I want to take advantage of this “new” way of podcasting. And by doing that, I’ll need to be using my phone a lot.

These apps make it super easy to record your podcast, right into your phone, and upload to your feed, without much of an issue whatsoever. If you want that pristine sound quality that you’re used to with your podcasting studio, you can still use high-end condenser mics (or any mic for that matter), compressors, and amps with your iPhone or iPad using this audio interface SHURE MVi.

Final Thoughts

So hopefully I was able to convince you that there’s no need to worry about the latest gear and bleeding edge tech to produce some great content. If you have a smartphone, you have some of those apps, as well as the creativity and gumption to produce awesome content, then you’re pretty much set. Take advantage of the excellent advancements that have been made in the mobile market. Your audience will definitely thank you for it. And also, get yourself a battery pack. You’ll probably need it.

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The Amazonian Conglomerate

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EA's Big Loss

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The New Gigabyte Aero 15X is a Content Creators Dream

Laptop manufacturers have all been announcing their excellent new Intel 8th Gen laptops. Check out this great list compiled by The Verge, showcasing all the new laptops using these new cpus. But I wanted to focus on one in particular that I think combines the power, the aesthetics, and the price, in an awesome package.


Gigabyte's new Aero 15X is one laptop that has caught my eye recently. It's using the new i7-8750H CPU which sports 6 cores and 12 threads, with a base clock of 2.2GHz that boosts up to 4.2GHz. It's paired up with a Max-Q Nvidia GTX1070 with 8gb of GDDR5 RAM. Rocks a 4K 144hz IPS panel, with 100% of the AdobeRGB color space. X-Rite Pantone certified meaning color accuracy has been taken into consideration. Contains a Thunderbolt 3 port, HDMI/MiniDP port, and UHS-II SD Card Reader. And finally, uses DDR4-2666hz memory and an M.2 capable of 2000MB/s.

Credit: Intel

And remember, all that fits into a thin, minimal, design. I'm very impressed with what Gigabyte has been able to accomplish with this new laptop, and it really shows the power of the PC laptop industry right now. When you compare them to Apple laptops, the specs aren't even close.

Credit: Gigabyte

Content Creator

Now to me, this is an Adobe Suite Machine. With that GTX 1070, a hexacore CPU, and a 4K IPS panel that's already been color corrected and can display 100% of the AdobeRGB color space, this is perfect for video and photo editors. And it doesn't need to be strictly a "mobile" machine. Those specs can eat up Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop, without so much as a flinch. And with early benchmarks show that thermals seem to hover around 80c, it's perfectly acceptable to ditch the bulky desktop setup and just use this device for a much, much smaller footprint.

Credit: Dave2d


Now all those specs, that excellent color-accurate 4k IPS panel, slammed into a thin form factor might seem like it'll cost an arm and a leg. But it's priced competitively at $2,199.99. This is around the same price as a higher-end Macbook Pro with 3x the power and performance. And if you were to price out those components for a desktop variant, you'll be spending around the same amount, where most of that cost coming from the display and GPU. Now consider that the other competing Max-Q 8th Gen laptops are priced a bit higher, you're looking at a very capable machine at a good value meant for any content creator or gamer, who's trying to slim down their footprint, or who often moves around.

Hey Apple Watch...WTF Is Going On?

We've recently been made aware that Instagram will be ceasing its Apple Watch support, where the latest update removes it from the device entirely. This, simply put, fucking sucks. The Apple Watch Instagram app was one of the device's coolest apps. The fact you could simply scroll your feed, comment, and like photos on your damn wrist, not only showed the power of the watch, but showed the power of wearable tech. But that ends today, and to be honest, I'm getting pissed off.

More and more app developers seem to just forget about their watch-counterparts. The Instagram watch app hasn't been updated in years, and now that Apple is requiring native app support for the watch, more and more wrist apps will follow suit. The growing graveyard of dead Watch apps should be an embarrassment for Apple. We're talking Twitter, Slack, Google Maps, Amazon, and many more. And that's the biggest issue with WatchOS currently. The app library for it is depressing and many of the third party apps run like complete shit. My most used Watch app is Spark email, which runs great but still needs work. But if they don't build native support into the Watch, it will also go the way Instagram did. Which is not what I want. I want more than just a notification machine on my wrist. I want something that can enhance my notifications.


Hard Forking ETH Might Be A Good Idea

Many in the crypto world, particularly those who are holding ETH and are invested in its success, have been suggesting a "Hard Fork" due to Bitmain's introduction of their new ASIC miners. And it might be a good idea. Chinese company Bitmain has been working diligently on a new miner that has already had effects on the finance world. According to this article by CNBC, financial analysts already devalued AMD/Nvidia stocks due to the introduction of this new miner, alleviating pressure on the GPU markets. A good thing for gamers, as hopefully now stock will no longer be an issue and prices for GPU's can stabilize.

What this new ASIC or Application Specific Integrated Circuit miner does, is mine a specific coin, much more efficiently than GPU's, but is more or less locked into that specific coin. So say your ETH ASIC miner is running fun blast, but ETH tanks, well then that ASIC miner is now useless and its resell value gone. Where GPU's still have an inherent value to them. One of the reasons there has been resistance to ASIC miners, especially on the ETH platform, is that it gives ASIC miners a much higher advantage over GPU miners. And in the crypto world, fair play is often held in high regard (though price manipulation still seems to be OK, for some reason).

Vlad Zamfir, an ETH developer posed this question on Twitter on March 28th. 57% stated yes, with only 13% stating no (20% wanted to just see results of the vote). We've already seen resistance to ASIC miners in the ETH space, places like Ethash even going so far to alter algorithm for GPU miners only. Monero and SiaCoin have already put work in place to cripple ASIC's.

The biggest problem with ASIC's, is that they are so efficient, the companies that create them such as Bitmain, can monopolize the market. The biggest draw of Crypto, is its decentralized nature. This is one way to contrast that and profit.

"Due to the present monopoly on the production of ASIC miners and the expansion of its positions in the mining equipment market as a whole, according to Bernstein analysts, Bitmain earned about $4 bln last year, the same amount as Nvidia. It is noteworthy that Bitmain achieved this level six times faster than Nvidia, who took 24 years to achieve these levels of profits." - CoinTelegraph

With ETH being one of the top crypto's in the entire industry, there's a certain level of pressure on them to get this right. Hard Forking can help alleviate this ASIC issue, though it brings in a new set of issues with it. Weighing issues against each other to find one that can benefit the coin the most, is something the ETH will need to figure out. This is all in the midst of ETH moving from a PoW (Proof of Work) mining model to a PoS (Proof of Stake) which could take a year or longer. Bitmain being (speculated) as the sole reason the ETH mining difficult has spiked, and I think a hard fork just makes sense. It's easy to implement, and can be implemented quickly. Anything to help divide the power Bitmain has accrued.

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Elon's Dad

In this week's  No Life tech, we look at why Youtube is banning certain channels, and reddit banning certain subs, by looking at the bigger issue... the FOSTA ACT! We also talk about how fucking crazy Elon Musk's dad is.

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