Sekiro is TORTURE [ NoLife Podcast: Ep. 78 ]

Hard and Harder

In this episode of the No Life Podcast, Wayne dives deep into Sekiro, and we discuss what difficulty means in videogames, and most of all, what it means in the 'enjoyment' of a video game. Then in tech we talk a bit about NAB 2019 rumors, like the Canon SL3.



F@#$ It We're Doing it Live! [ No Life Podcast: Ep. 77 ]

Now on TWITCH!

In this new episode, we finally bring the show LIVE both to Twitch and YouTube. Make sure to head to and click follow to stay updated on our new live streams, and catch No Life podcast live. You can also watch the show live over on our YouTube if that's your platform of choice!




The March 2019 Apple Event (REAL TALK)

Apple has just released a flurry of new services in their new Keynote, and I'm here to tell you what I think of it, as an Apple Fan, and as someone who will cut to the chase. So let's get into the first of the new services...

Apple News+

They started the show by talking about Apple News. In my opinion, this is one of the bigger applications that I'm excited about. As a subscriber to a few online newspapers like NYTimes and Wall St. Journal, my favorite way to read my news is through the Apple App. Unfortunately, it's a bit "unpersonalized", which was one of the reasons why I kept the lesser designed Google News around. Google News just gave me more stories I cared about. But it seems Apple has figured that out by finally implementing a private, on-device machine learner that will serve me better stories, as opposed to Google's invasive web-tracking which served me stories based around my web use. What is also great is their acquisition and implementation of Texture, which was a magazine subscription based app. I was a subscriber to Texture, which served popular and beautiful, easy to use magazines right on the iPad and iPhone. Well, this is now integrated into Apple News+, which will come at the same price of $9.99 for unfettered access. This results in a better deal with over 300 magazines, and the top news publications, for only $10. In my opinion, a fucking steal. I'm already paying $30/mo now. So it'll save me tons, and deliver it beautifully and seamlessly. This is available now with an update.

Apple Card

This is huge. Apple is now getting into credit, all backed by Goldman Sachs and their aim is to keep interest rates as low as possible, be transparent, and private. This to me, is one of the strongest plays Apple can make. And it fits perfectly into the Apple model. First off, privacy is a huge deal with credit. Look at all the leaks that have happened over the last year. Well with Apple's top encryption, as long as your device is safe, your info will be safe.

Details of the card aren't 100% known, as we don't know their exact interest rates, nor approval rates. But they showed off how it works. Detailing purchases in a gorgeous easy to read design, allowing categorization of spending, and working right from the Wallet App. They also talked about "Daily Cash" which gives users 3% cash back on Apple purchases, 2% on everything else, and 1% if using the physical Apple Card. What's this physical card you say? Well, if you can't use your app, they will offer you a Titanium card, void of any markings other than the Apple logo, your name, and the mag-strip on the back. No card number, no CVV, and no signature. It's fucking beautiful. This will be available this summer.

Apple Arcade

This is Apple's new game streaming platform. We don't know pricing, I'm going to assume $9.99, but this will give you complete access to the new "Arcade" tab in the app store, which gives you "real" games made from "real" gaming devs who won't slam your gaming app with in-app purchases and time-gates. This feels a bit unfinished and rushed, maybe as an answer to Google Stadia. But it is needed, as gaming on the App Store has become a joke. Launching with over 100+ new and exclusives titles, no data tracking, family sharing, multi-device including mac access, and the kicker, everything playable offline. It seems kind of cool, considering the price.

Apple TV

Next was some new updates to the TV app, that are much welcomed. So essentially, all of your favorite streaming apps, and cable streaming apps, can be accessed in one place, the TV app, instead of needing to jump from app to app to watch stuff. This already works this way on the TV app, but it's not very fluid, and it doesn't include everything. So that's cool. What's even cooler, you don't need an Apple device to get the app now. Roku, Amazon, and all Smart TV's can access the TV app. Converging all these apps together will be interesting and available this May.

Apple TV+

Last, we have TV+. This was what the entire show centered around, and to me, it's the most disappointing. We saw speakers from Steven Spielberg, to Steven Carrell, all talk about their new shows and movies being released on this new TV+. But...who cares? All G-rated, family friendly content, that you'll need to pay for, and we're talking maybe a dozen different shows. If they went with the Netflix route and just gave creators unlimited creativity, I could've had much more interest. I understand they want "everyone" to tune in, but the same can be said about Apple Music. Imagine if Apple Music only sold "censored" versions of the tracks. No one would really care. And that's how I feel about Apple TV+. Oh yeah, and they ended with Oprah. So that's all you need to know.

Overall Show Score

4 / 10

I think this was a pretty mediocre keynote. I'm excited for the new News+ and Apple Card. I think finance and news are huge markets that needs an overhaul, and I love seeing Apple compete in it. Think about what Apple is doing for the health market, they could do the same in finance and journalism. But it's nothing groundbreaking and really just a way for Apple to suck more out of their customers. I mean, if you subscribe to News+, Music, Arcade, and TV+, you're already paying nearly $50 a month. And that's not including your other subs like Netflix and your TV service. That's a big price to pay, and it will really depend on the type of content that's being produced. And at the end of it, I was already disappointed with TV+ before the keynote even began. Just knowing I won't get shows like Netflix's amazing Death Love and Robots, or House of Cards, cements my position on not signing up for TV+. Then again, I know, and they know, I'm not the demographic. Anyways, I'm still waiting on an A La Carte TV channel providing service. I'm beginning to thing ti'll never happen.



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Anthem Demo is Kinda Lame - First Impressions



In the video above I give my first impressions on the Anthem Demo, Beta, whatever you wanna call it. As someone who enjoys, minimally, Destiny, I was hoping that Bioware's new epic-space looter shooter would bring more to the table. Unfortunately, I'm still left with a feeling of wanting more. It seems it's a Destiny clone, through-and-through, with the added ability to fly, and a 3rd person perspective. While the added flight mechanics are great, and they play wonderfully, I'm not sure it's enough to sway Destiny players, and I'm not sure there's enough for casual shooter fans. The game is also set up like Destiny, where you inhabit a mission hub, where you talk with NPC's to receive quests, then you jump into a World Hub where your missions are placed. So while the world hub is a bit more open than Destiny, a welcomed addition, it's still not quite an "Open World" or "Open Galaxy" game. Which I think could have separated the game from Destiny. So what you're left with is a game full of Bullet-sponges, set up in the same way Destiny sets them up, with a (slightly) different set of paint. Take that, and throw in a ton of glitches and performance issues, as well as a healthy dose of game crashes, and you have the Anthem demo. Let's hope there's a lot more to offer in the final release.