Code: Surge [ No Life Podcast ]


In this episode we talk about two new Souls-Likes. The Surge 2, and Code Vein. We then discuss if Rocket Leagues new "loots" are better than lootboxes, and we talk about the awesome new Z-Cam.



Borderlands & Astral Chain // iPhone 11 [ No Life Podcast ]

Boring Lands

In this episode we talk about Astral Chain, and how Platnium has been killing it. Then we discuss Borderlands 3 and its boring formula. Last we discuss the new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro - and talk about how Apple is returning to form.

Apple September 2019 Keynote

The Apple Keynote is upon us. Lots of interesting rumors and leaks this year. We will finally see how they pan out. Right upon the start of the show, Tim Cook, CEO, jumps right into the announcements starting with the App Store

App Store


Apple Arcade opens up the show. Remember, this is Apple's subscription "Netflix" style gaming platform. I love the idea. Mobile Gaming, in my opinion, is one untapped sector. It's just unfortunate that mobile games have resorted to terrible micro-transactions and freemium models, gating every aspect of a game. I think Apple Arcade is an attempt to fix that, with restrictions on MTX's and other freemium cancer that ruined the biggest gaming platform in the world.


Konami comes on to chat about their new Frogger game that frogger (just play Crossy Road....seriously). Capcom talks about their stupid underwater game next, then Annapurna comes on to talk about some on rails rhythm game about pop music and cool women...I guess (they do make pretty games to look at). If you ask me, all three games look stupid as fuck and do not entice me to get Arcade - but even worse, have even less faith in Mobile Gaming. Arcade releases September 19th for $5 a month with family access and a 1 month free trial. It's not a bad deal, but that means you need at least ONE game worth playing a month to make it a good value.

Apple TV+ hits it up next. This is the new G-rated network with Oprah leading the content. The latest trailers released don't look too bad though. I'm not opposed to the family-friendly content. I just hope that it doesn't hinder the work. We then get the trailer premiere of "See" starring Jason Momoa from the creators of Peaky Blinders, one of the best shows on Netflix. Looks cool. It's then announced that on November 1st, the first Apple TV+ shows will release, again for $4.99 with family access. Also, when you buy a new iPhone or Mac, you get Apple TV+ for 1 year free. This means Apple is serious about TV+. I don't blame them. With so many devices on hand, they have an untapped market. Look at what they did with Apple Music.

So overall, with Apple Music, TV+, and Arcade, for $15 a month, you get some nice goodies. I still don't know how much it's worth it. I'd love to see a full Apple package that bundles it all for a small discount. Nonetheless, I think its too early to tell of its success. It could go wonderfully, adding an entirely new, massive revenue stream, or be a gigantic expense.

7th Gen iPad

We're jumping into iPad as the first device in this keynote. The new "7th" gen iPad keeps TouchID and the fat bezels. Packs the A10 Fusion chip and a slightly upgraded 10.2" screen. Just a small refinement for its latest standard iPad, for only $329. I think we all would've loved to see the same price, but a much more upgraded screen or at least, fucking USB-C.

Apple Watch Series 5

This announcement opens up with this heartwarming video of people who've been directly helped by Apple's Watch, either with its heart monitoring, or activity tracker, and fall detection. These are features that set Watch apart from the competition - as well as the fact its simply unmatched in tech, feel, power, and usability. This is something I don't think Android understands. The Watch is so good, it really ingrains you into Apple's ecosystem. Anyways, the keynote talks about a few new health research studies. One being Noise level and hearing, Cycle menstruation tracking, and Apple's Heart and Movement study. The new Apple Research app allows you to enroll in these studies, and Apple promises secure privacy.

In terms of what's new with the latest Watch, we get Series 5. We get a new always-on OLED retina display (yes!), that they claim can refresh as low as 1hz to reserve power, yet display content, while maintaining a claimed 18-hour battery life. This alone makes Series 5 the best Apple Watch to get, and pits it more as a traditional watch. There's also now a built in compass (yes!!). New emergency calling features. Three aluminum models, three stainless steel models, with new titanium models coming, white ceramic, and new Hermes and Nike models. This starts at $399 and $499 for Cellular models, with Series 3 now coming down to $199.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 cheaper model came first, but I want to discuss the 11 pro first.

The rumors were spot on. Three cameras, all in that back box design. New color includes Midnight Green which gives me a huge hard on. 5.8" and 6.5" sizes. New OLED panel, keeping haptic touch, and 15% more efficient. Dolby Atmos spatial sound. They're calling the new screen the "Super Retina XDR Display". A13 Bionic 7nm chip contains faster machine learning accelerators, 1tn op/s, 8.5bn transistors, 2 performance cores, 4 efficiency cores, with hundreds of voltage zones and logic restrictions, to highly improve battery life and efficiency keeping top level performance. This means 4 more fucking hours extra of battery with the Max hitting 5 hours.

The new camera packs a new 13mm f2.4 lens. This packs in a wide, ultrawide, and telephoto. It's pretty crazy how much smartphone photography has improved. The ultrawide looks awesome. Of course, videography is still class leading. Also, the new native video editing on iPhone is great. Selfies with 4k 60fps, and of course "Slofies". Filmic was promoted in the keynote. They brought Sean Baker out who shot Tangerine, the first iPhone film, to talk about his favorite video apps. Filmic showed off their awesome new lens selection too.

And that's pretty much it. There's other little goodies, but in terms of big hardware, that's pretty much it. One of the coolest parts of the new iphone imo is the new green color. It's sad that, that color alone is making me want to buy one.

The price is $999 and $1099 respectively with shipping on September 20th. But there's a catch of course....

for 64gb

Apple iPhone 11

The more affordable model. Fully Aluminum design with new colors, that all look pretty great. Two cameras. One wide, at 26mm f1.8, and now an ultrawide 13mm f2.4. Of course, some more refinements in Apple's photo software. "Semantic Rendering" will produce much more lifelike HDR. Night Mode has been upgraded to rival Pixel's Night Sight. Dolby Atmos speakers (how?). And also packing in the A13 Bionic.


Overall...a very underwhelming release. But this was expected. We had big releases from Apple on Software and iPad fronts, along with new Mac options that really drummed up hype. We're waiting till next year to finally get iPhone caught up with modern feature set, to match its modern hardware. I'll be waiting for my Pro XDR Display to come in, in the meantime.


Control / Night in the Woods [ No Life Podcast ]


In Control

In this episode of No Life Podcast, we talk about Control and how a great game can be hindered by its play time. We then talk about Night in the Woods and the tragic events that followed. And then in tech, we look at the new Canon 90D and Sony A6600 and cry at how disappointing they are.



Someone, Get Jerry Help [ No Life Podcast ]

WOW, no...WoW

In this episode, Jerry talks about how upset he is that he has to take time off of playing WoW Classic to do the show. We also try to decipher this gem from Hideo Kojima, and we discuss the Panasonic S1H and how badass (almost) it is.


Madden 20 Sucks / Cap One Hacked [ No Life Podcast ]\




In this episode we talk about Madden 20, and how absolutely nothing has changed, and it's essentially highway robbery. Then we dive into two free to play games, Dauntless and The Cycle, and we see if there are any legs with them. After, in tech, we talk about how Capital One got hacked, and we look at Sony's new RX100 VII.



Powerbeats Pro Review - The New Airpods?


BEATS Previously by Dre, and now by Apple, are a meme at this point. The general consensus is that Beats have terrible audio quality for the money they ask for. Is this true? Well, it's certainly plausible. One of the worst pair of headphones I've ever owned were the Beats Solo's. Extreme uncomfortable, with its pleather pads squeezing my head with strong pressure, irritating the little folds of my ears. The cans squeaked as you moved, and eventually its build broke down, with the pads completely loosing the pleather cover. And the sound was equal to those in the under $50 price range. At that point, you were definitely paying the for the brand.

But what about now? Why are they still a meme? I think mainly its just because the sentiment stuck because the newer Beats Studio3's actually sound really good. They're expensive, wireless, ANC headphones meant to compete with the Bose's and Sony's. And in that respect, they fall short. But on their own, and just looking at the sound signature, they have certainly taken to the criticism. The audio is more balanced, with the droning bass, leaning more towards the punchy. A welcomed tweak. And now with the massive success of the wireless pods, Beats finds itself competing in another realm with their Powerbeats Pro, in a genre that's dominated by mediocre offerings. Honestly, the only "great" headphone in this class are the Apple Airpods. So how do the Powerbeats Pro stack up?

Design and Comfort:

So far, in my opinion of course, these are the best looking wireless pods on the market. They don't look like Q-tips hanging out of your ears like with the Airpods, and they don't look like giant grapes stuck in your head like with the Monoprice or Samsungs. These are matte black, with a simple rectangular design that sticks close to the ear, covering the ear hole. It also features blacked out branding and black wings that hook behind the ear, all coming together to create a stealthy and understated, yet modern athletic look. I firmly believe this type of design will soon become the standard. The worst part about its design is the matte black charging case. This is one reason why the Airpods are so successful. They slide in anywhere and disappear. For the beats, the case is laughably large, and you will most likely need to tote it in a bag.

The space between instrumentation is so much larger than I expected, and such a pleasant surprise

Now in terms of comfort, for me personally, they aren't as comfortable as Airpods. I have relatively small ears, and IEM's often make my inner ear a bit uncomfortable and a bit itchy. This is not the case with Airpods for me, and I can never really tell they're there. With the Powerbeats, they hook around your ear and use silicon IEM tips that slide in your ear canal, creating a seal, and offering passive NC. They way you put them on is with this "twist" type move, that is low-key genius; but not as seamless as just "plop" like with Airpods. But I do want to compare it to the Jaybirds, which have wings that hold the creases in your ear. And in this case, the Beats are far more comfortable. Really, uncomfortable isn't the right word. It's just not perfect for me, like how the Airpods are. But with the perfection I get from Airpods in comfort, I lose out on in sound quality. With the Powerbeats, I'm willing to take a slight hit on comfort, for a much better passive noise cancellation and focused sound. The answer to my problem probably lies in throwing on a pair of Comply Foam Tips, which will then form itself to the dimensions of my canals.

Features and Enjoyability:

I want to touch on some great features that help justify the price a bit. First off, it's an Apple product. This means it seamlessly fits in its ecosystem. As soon as you pop the case open, your phone lights up with an image of your headphones, and it prompts you to connect, almost instantly. The H1 chip (an upgrade from the W1 chip in the original Airpods which is the model I own), is so pleasing to use. Originally, I was blown away at how awesome the W1 chip was. You have an iPhone, an iMac, and a Macbook, and you could seamless switch devices without all the pairing nonsense that occurs without these chips. It also allows a deeper integration in Mac and iOS software, where using it as a mic for a call, or using it as a listening device, or using it for a podcast, is also seamless.

Oh yeah, these fuckers get loud, too

Now take all that, and just refine to a high degree, and you have the H1 chip. Connecting is much faster, music or podcasts resume quicker, connection stays stronger, Siri is quicker, and battery life is better. In fact, battery life in these top the charts at 9 hours straight, with up to 24 hours utilizing the charge case. This is INSANITY. As long as you remember to keep your charge case charged, maybe plug it in once a week, you should never run out of battery. And finally, there's Hey Siri support now. I still don't really use Siri, since I own an Apple Watch, but it's there if you need it I guess.

Sound Quality:

The last point is sound. And unsurprisingly, these sound far, far, better than Airpods. In my limited time with the Monoprice, they sound better than those. And with my long experience with the Jaybird X2, they sound better than those as well. The question is, do they sound better than wired IEM's, and do they sound $250 good? So I don't normally use wired IEM's. The pair I like to compare against are my Shure SE215's, which have an extremely balanced sound signature, with great focus and presence, though lacking on soundstage and subtlety.

The Powerbeats sound signature is much more balanced than Beat's I've tried previously, but still packs a deep punchy low that they're known for. There's a great response in those punchy bass hits, that it makes the headphones feel a lot faster and more energetic. I'm assuming they did this on purpose. And it's done all without being muddy or unclear. In fact, I was very surprised at the clarity. The highs, while not sparkly, do present excellent response and detail. In the case of Hip Hop and Electronic, I haven't found any tracks that aren't represented well. It seems these headphones were certainly focus grouped with rap, pop, and electric fans. So if you're a fan of those genres, you will be damn happy. Listening to Feel the Love by Kids See Ghosts is a perfect example. The bass comes through like a punch in the face during the interlude, and the vocals from Pusha T cut through like a hot knife through butter. Oh yeah, these fuckers get loud, too. The passive seal in addition with its volume output can sometimes cause distortion, and I haven't really noticed any (this though, is sometimes hard to spot and I'm not an expert in distorted tones and chords due to volume). It's best asset, compared to so many others on the market, is its soundstage. The space between instrumentation is so much larger than I expected, and such a pleasant surprise. Explosions in the Sky's Look Into the Air has twinkly guitar notes popping in and out of your earspace with detail all while presenting its atmospheric ambiance. It's not exactly open-back large. There's still a bit of tightness to its low end representation that can sometimes feel stuffy. But overall, yeah, the soundstage is a nice selling point.

Now the sound isn't perfect. I noticed how heavily overdriven guitars or hard vocals can sometimes come through a bit shrill, causing listening fatigue. Listening to IDLES's Never Fight a Man with a Perm, vocals can sometimes get buried under the vibrant and harsh guitars and droning drumlicks. In fact, with a lot of heavier rock, I found myself turning the volume down a touch to ensure listening fatigue didn't set in too quickly. I'm sure it's not something many will notice, as it isn't too apparent. But more experienced listeners will find the vocals seem a touch confused. As someone who listens to a lot of basement demo's like Dikembe's Chicago Bowls, a good headphone needs to present "warmth" which usually equals nostalgia. It's a reason why I've spent over tons of money to get that nostalgic sound in my home theater. Now, the Beats aren't warm, unfortunately. But they seem to be using that faster and punchier bass response to try and emulate warmness which become quite convincing at points. I only wish they were able to open up the low end a bit on soundstage, as I think it could greatly improve this effect. Anyways, those demo's like Grown's Up's self-titled, are portrayed very well with energy and saturation that meets my baseline standard for "warmth". That's all I can really ask for from completely wireless IEM's (at least for now).


Now for the burning question. Do I recommend you buy these, over any other wireless IEM? The answer is yes. I think the combination of the greatly improved sound signature, it's good passive sealing, it's great soundstage, it's insane battery life, and the great convenience of the H1 chip all add to a very compelling wireless IEM that seems to be the best of the bunch. If you're considering Airpods vs these, I'd wager that the Airpods would be the best choice if you're a very casual listener who isn't very active. But if you love music, and you want to get best possible audio there is out of a very small and convenient package - and you're quite active - these would be an excellent choice and you won't be disappointed.


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