The Milly Rock Lawsuit [ NoLife: Ep. 65a ]

Rocked Out

In this episode we debate the legality of the Milly Rock dance copyright and the use of it by Epic's Fortnite....what have we become?



Nintendo Drops "Creator Program"

Old Ideas

Nintendo has always been one of the more "traditional" companies in gaming, sometimes to a fault. One of their biggest mishaps was the implementation of the "Nintendo Creators Program". This essentially made it so you must be partnered with Nintendo in order to stream and upload videos based around Nintendo games. This would ensure their brands would be preserved specifically as they wanted them to be. If you weren't apart of the Creator Program, your video would be at a very high risk of being taken down. This also ensured that Nintendo would get a cut of the revenue. Now, I understand the want to make sure fan made videos of Mario suckin' on Peach's big fat titties don't hit the internet. But that's an antiquated way of thinking about your products, especially in gaming when streaming and let's play's have entered the zeitgeist.

Fortunately for anyone who's a fan of Nintendo, they have done away with the program.

We are ending the Nintendo Creators Program (NCP) to make it easier for content creators to make and monetize videos that contain Nintendo game content. We will no longer ask creators to submit their videos to the NCP, and creators can continue showing their passion for Nintendo by following Nintendo’s guidelines, located at

The NCP will come to a close at the end of December 2018. Please note that we are no longer accepting videos and channels, and will not review any that have been submitted, but not yet registered. The NCP website will be taken down on March 20, 2019.

We appreciate and encourage the continued support of content creators, and thank them for their dedication to helping us create smiles.

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

They're no longer accepting submissions for partnerships, and they're even getting rid of the website entirely. This is a great move from Nintendo. I do wonder how much their program has affected their sales, and I wonder if that was the reason for dropping the program. Because as of yet, we don't know why they got rid of it. We're just happy they did. So onward my friends! You can now upload your Ash & Brock Yaoi videos in peace!

Assassins Creed has been Revitalized; Jerry Gets an iPhone [ NoLife: Ep. 64 ]

The Odyssey

In this episode, we again put together both Gaming and Tech shows for a long 2 hours episode. We talk about how fun Assassin's Creed Odyssey is, even though it lacks some real depth. We talk about how Fallout 76 is a piece of shit. And then we dive into how Jerry bought an iPhone, and take a look at the average Google Slate.



The Diablo Immortal Controversy ; Game of the Year Nominees [ NoLife Ep. 62a ]


In this episode we talk about how awesome Diablo 3 is on the switch, and how bad of an idea it is on the phone. We then talk about our picks for Game of the Year, and look over all the nominees (Red Dead and God of War win everything).



Audio Technica Drops Wireless M50x's in Bluetooth

credit: Audio Technica

The King

One of the most popular headphones in the audio/gaming/tech circles are Audio Technica's ATH-M50X's. These are excellent, reference style headphones with a slight emphasis on bass response, and a great looking contemporary aesthetic, all at an affordable $150. I personally own a pair, and they are my go-to's for a closed-black studio session. I use them anytime I need to hear my audio in the purest form, and its closed-back design allows me to pinpoint details. And that's not too mention how comfortable they are during long sessions. That said, if you do own these, I need to recommend you the Brainwavz ear pads, which drastically improve comfort by dampening the clamp force, as well increase audio separation. So yeah, for the price, you're getting close to audiophile quality and assurance. I love them.

credit: Audio Technica

Contemporary Updates

Well now Audio Technica has taken their very beloved M50x's and slapped on a Bluetooth connection, as well as integrated their own DAC inside to give users a more freeing experience, without sacrificing its signature sound and feel. The newly named ATH-M50xBT's (yeah, a bit long in the tooth) come in at a comfortable $199.00, include Bluetooth 5.0, is compatible with aptX and AAC codecs, and feature an "internal battery providing up to 40 hours on a full charge". You can also, of course, attach them to a 3.5mm jack for a legacy listening experience. The only downside being they charge by micro-USB, and not the now ubiquitous USB-C. Also, there is no active noise-cancelling, though the M50x's do have great passive noise-cancelling already. For active noise-cancelling you'll need to opt for the ATH-ANC700BT which are the same price and still offer the great AT Sound Signature they're known for. So, the M50xBT's do seem a bit pricey in that regard.

Above are the technical specifications for you audiophiles. As you can see they contain the same driver, the same frequency response, impedance, and sensitivity. What you'll also notice is the extremely long charge time to go from 0-100%. A whopping 7 hours, which could've been cut down if they had used USB-C and fast charging. So putt it all together, at a $199.00 price point, you're getting all the benefits of the M50X, with added wireless capabilities, but nothing extra. In my opinion, these are now the headphones to recommend. Only $49 more dollars and you're getting a modern updated headphone that give you the great freedom of Bluetooth. Though, if you're looking to buy headphones that offer noise cancelling and a much more immersive listening experience, the Sony WH-1000Xmk3's are still at the top of the heap (also in price). 

credit: Audio Technica

Read Dead Ain't for Everyone [ NoLife Gaming: Ep. 61a ]

Red Dead Ain't for the Masses

In this episode, we talk a ton about Wayne's feelings on Red Dead Redemption, as well as Soul Caliber VI, and then dive into some gaming news. 


Red Dead Fever; iPad Pro Coming Soon; BeautyGate NOT a Bug [ NO LIFE DIGITAL: Ep. 60 ]


In this episode we merge the Gaming and Tech together to talk about Red Dead, VR becoming a viable market, Apple's new iPad Pro event, how Apple claims BeautyGate is bug, and not bad software design, and why there isn't any cool tech/lifestyle/fashion stores.



Photoshop for iPad is Finally Coming [ NoLife Tech: Ep. 59 ]

New iPads and New Photoshops?

In this episode of NoLife Tech Podcast, we talk about TV streaming services and which one Wayne recommends, we talk about the new iPad rumors, and we look at Adobe's new Keynote where they announced the Photoshop for iPad app - something we've all been waiting for.



RED DEAD CRUNCH TIME [ NoLife Gaming: Ep. 59 ]

Crunch Time

In this episode we talk about Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and its new Blackout Mode. Kate comes on to review the new Mario Party. And we discuss the ethics and morals of Developer crunch and the controversy around Red Dead Redemption 2 and Rockstar Games.