No Mo Corona, plz [ no life podcast ]

Enough Already

In this episode, the crew are down in the dumps during their second week of quarantine, with another 4 - 8 weeks to go. There's not much news, and almost no new games, which is driving Jerry insane. Tune in.



Valve did it.... HL Alyx [ no life podcast ]


In this episode of the No Life Podcast, Wayne gushes over his experience with Half Life Alyx - and the crew also dive into the new Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing releases. Lots and lots of new gaming talk, so tune in.



Ori & Nioh 2 both Kick A&$% / Canon is coming (PART 2) [ No Life Podcast ]

Screwed Up

Note, the podcast saw some technical difficulties in the beginning of the show. You can watch the first 15 minutes on the video before this. Other than that, we picked up right after. In this episode we talked about Ori and the Will of the Wisps as well a Nioh 2 - both of which are extremely fun. We then dive into how Gamestop is fucking its employees...and pretty much the world. And Canon's upcoming R6 might be the camera everyone's waiting for from them, and not the EOS R5.




Warzone is Wack But REGGIE IS BACK [ No Life Podcast ]

The Reginator Returns

In this episode of No Life Podcast, Wayne talks about his experience with Call of Duty's new Battle Royale mode, Warzone. Then the crew discuss how Gamestop is pulling out all the stops, and picking up ex-Nintendo President Reggie Fils Aime to help right the ship. Check out the latest episode here.

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Ghost of Tsushima Story Trailer & Release Date Revealed


Sony Interactive has released the latest look at their highly anticipated title Ghost of Tsushima. The open world ancient Japanese Samurai simulator also gets a date, set to release June 26, 2020. Many of us in No Life didn't expect to see this title until the PS5, but it seems it's ready for prime-time this generation - and we couldn't be any more excited, with the end of this generation's life cycle looking stacked.

To sum up my reaction on the trailer, all I want to say is YES. The trailer opens displaying that all of the gorgeous 4K footage is running on a PS4 Pro. Upon closer look it seems some of the footage playing at 60fps, where other parts are clearly running lower than that, perhaps around 30fps. But the presentation looks amazing. The detail of armor and character models are certainly next gen. The immense flowing foliage also impresses.

The game just looks drop dead gorgeous. We also get a look at some extra gameplay we haven't seen yet. Lots of stabbing with Katana's, lost of stealth, lots of parrying arrows, and lots of riding horseback through meadows. And we now know the story will deal with the mongol invasion of Japan. A story we've seen many times, but one that hasn't been as viscerally executed in the current gen as this one. If you're not excited for the last few games of this generation, I don't know what to tell you. Things are looking great so far.

Twitter Introducing "Stories" feature called "Fleets"


Product Lead of Twitter Kayvon Beykpour has revealed some interesting news from the social giant today, displaying their introduction of "Fleets", a direct response to Snapchat's & Facebook's "Stories" feature. Over the years, Stories have become the de facto way for users to communicate their days and thoughts on social media, with many neglecting their main feeds altogether. Twitter, on the other hand, has done a lot of work trying to maintain exactly the same, only adding more characters to the limit a couple years ago. But now it seems they're branching out.

Beykpour goes on to show off this new feature, explaining that many people are faced with anxiety over posting tweets, and something like this may help alleviate those fears. In my opinion, I find this is more a move to monetize, as Stories have been a great source of revenue of Facebook and Snap. We're already aware that investors of Twitter are looking to replace Jack as CEO, and turn Twitter into a money making behemoth. So I imagine this is just a start of Twitter adding new features. I also want to put out a prediction. I imagine Twitter's "censoring" issues will start to play more of a role in the company, with them either being more strict or more loose, as the company finds its future footing.

"Fleets" are set to launch in Brazil, Twitter's favorite testing market, where the company will work out its kinks and see future profitability before a global release.

FF7 Remake looking 🔥 [ No Life Podcast]

No Life Podcast Ep. 109 - 3/3/20

In this episode of No Life Podcast, the Wayne and Doobie gush over the latest FF7 Remake demo and talk about their first impressions and hype for this new Square Enix release. They then dive into the implications of Coronavirus or Covid-19 and the gaming industry, and laugh at the ineptitude of Kotaku Journalists.


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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Gameplay - 60fps


So Square Enix dropped their Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo on us today, and I immediately had to jump in. The footage above is the full demo in its entirety. What the demo does is give you a good understanding of how the new combat mechanics work, and the look & feel of the game once its released. Let me tell you, I couldn't be more excited. You see, once I heard a remake was coming, I wasn't too thrilled. FF7 wasn't a mindblowing experience to me like it was for many others, but it certainly was a game I enjoyed. Over the years, I grew more and more tired of turn based combat. So once I saw the FF7 Remake gameplay footage at the Game Awards which showed off its real time combat mechanics, I jumped for joy.

Whoever came up with the idea to release this demo, should get a raise. It's done nothing but make me more excited to play this game. The combat is a mix between real time and turn based. You attack in real time, but at any moment, pause the combat to choose which skill or item or power to use. Once you get down the feel of combat, it becomes this addicting loop of learning new combos and structures to play off of. Swapping between party members on the fly is great, and you can even give them commands, allowing you to quickly perform a much needed heal on yourself, or shoot out a thunderous bolt of lightning. The combat is fun, fluid and fast, and easily is the best part of the short 1 hour demo.

Lastly, I was playing on a base PS4. I wanted to see just how well this game would run on this older hardware. To my surprise, it ran extremely well, keeping a solid 30fps the entire time with no noticeable dips. I do want to see how this plays on a PS4 Pro in 4k, though. That's something we'll look at once the game is released. The graphics are truly stunning, and easily one of the best looking FF games to date. In fact, in terms of presentation, it's all there. I especially found the voice acting great - something so many Japanese games fail to deliver on. Overall, I'm ready to play through this story once again. It's been a long time since I've dug into a Final Fantasy (I think maybe 10 was the last one?). And from this gameplay, I think now is the perfect time to revisit Square Enix's flagship title.

The Verge Releases Great Video Showing The "True" Potential of Mac Pro

Big Promises

The Verge did a great piece where they gave a bunch of professional creators access to their $17k 16 core 3.2ghz Xeon, Dual Radeon Vega GPU, 95GB ram, with Afterburner card Mac Pro. The goal of the video is to see if the Mac Pro would benefit Vox Media Groups gigantic creative staff on their projects which include everything from print design, to Netflix show products. The results, were quite surprising.

Many of the creative professionals found the Mac Pro to be a nice computer, with many already working from Mac computers (the iMac seemed the most popular). But most noticed the speed of the Pro was not much different when compared to their personal rigs (most notably the 2019 iMac). When it came to Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Logic, speed improvements were minimal if any at all. The in-house Motion Designer which came from a 2015 iMac probably found the biggest improvements.

Editor-in-Chief Nilay Patel then goes on to address one serious implication in Apple's latest release. Adobe support is extremely limited, with barely any focus on GPU support. This means, throughout all the Creative Cloud Suite products, Adobe has very limited use of those two Radeon Vega GPU's. Me personally, have had nothing but issues with Adobe's latest release on my Windows PC's, and it's gotten to a point where I'm looking for alternatives any chance I get. This of course isn't a problem with Apple's hardware, but it's timing and integration of the product line in the current market. If the Mac Pro, in the state it's in know, would've been released 5 years ago, I'm sure we would've seen much better optimization (one would hope at least, but you never know with Adobe). What this means, Final Cut, Logic, the Affinity Suite, and other Mac optimized products, will work far, far, better with this new hardware. But because so much of industry has left Mac over the years for ignoring pro-support, their integrations have already been made in the bloated Adobe Suite.

Finally, the video goes on to discuss the Pro Display XDR. Users noticed terrible fall-off on the edges in respect to viewing angles, which can certainly damper any experience if you need to remain perfect straight in line with the viewing monitor. This video by the great HDTVTest channel, discuss just how far the XDR display is from being named "reference"

Overall, it seems the Mac Pro has been poorly timed. Unfortunately, because Apple's reluctance to focus on Pro's in the recent years, any pro-machine from them would've had a rough start. But this is especially pained because of its price-point. For now, it seems if you want a great Apple computer to do all your creative work on, the 2019 iMac is the clear choice, even running many of the Adobe products FASTER than what the Mac Pro can do. In the next 5 years, we will see what becomes of Apple's pro hardware division. But for now, it seems it's not worth the asking price unless getting into specifically niche CPU intensive workflows, or anyone who works in Logic and Final Cut (which isn't a bad thing since Final Cut is pretty damn good these days).



World of Horror / Fujifilm XT4 [ No Life Podcast ]


In this episode, Wayne talks about the new ARPG Wolcen, as well as his experience with with the Junji-ito/Lovecraftian horror game, World of Horror. Then in gaming news, the crew discuss the newly released Xbox Series X specs, and how Ed Boon wants Scorpion in Smash Bros. In tech, it's all about cameras, as Jerry gushes over the newly dropped Fujifilm XT4.