Razer Announces New Lap-Board for Xbox One

credit: Razer

Razer Turret

So Microsoft recently has announced that the Xbox One will be getting the much requested feature of allowing full support for keyboard and mouse inputs for gaming. This has been a feature many console gamers have been asking for, for quite some time. And now it seems like it's finally coming to fruition. In that initial announcement from Microsoft, they state they will be personally partnering with Razer to develop some peripherals for the launch. Well today, Razer has showed us what they will be releasing come March.

credit: Razer

As you can see, it's modeled very similarly to Corsair's Lapdog. But unlike the Lapdog, which allows you to input your own Corsair keyboard, the Razer Turret has its mechanical keyboard embedded. The Turret (which uses Razer's own mechanical switches) also comes equipped with a mouse, and both can be wired or used with 2.4ghz wireless band. One of the cooler aspects about it is its retractable mouse pad, which makes it easier to store. Overall in my opinion, I think the design is quite slick, and I'm curious to see the performance of it. All in all, I'm quite happy to see Xbox getting closer to becoming a supreme HTPC. I see a future where Xbox positions itself to be the premiere choice for console & PC gamers, maybe even replacing the powerful gaming desktop for some.

credit: Razer

Make YouTube WAY Faster on Firefox


Recently, reports started coming in that Microsoft's Edge browser was switching off EdgeHTML to Chromium, which is the Google owned browser engine. This spun off a ton of criticism because it would mean that Google would own 80% of the web-browser space which starts to encroach on monopoly territory. The reason for Microsoft making the switch? Well Microsoft was tired of constantly developing for "new standards" set by Chromium. And in order for Microsoft to be competitive with its browser, it needed to keep up with those standards. Instead, they decided there's just more value in implementing the skeleton behind the company who pushes those standards. But thanks to an Ex-Microsoft/Edge dev, we have some more input as to exactly why Microsoft made the switch. Someone on HackerNews asks "For example, they may start integrating technologies for which they have exclusive, or at least 'special' access. Can you imagine if all of a sudden Google apps start performing better than anyone else's?". JoshuaJB, the ex-edge dev states

This is already happening. I very recently worked on the Edge team, and one of the reasons we decided to end EdgeHTML was because Google kept making changes to its sites that broke other browsers, and we couldn't keep up. For example, they recently added a hidden empty div over YouTube videos that causes our hardware acceleration fast-path to bail (should now be fixed in Win10 Oct update). Prior to that, our fairly state-of-the-art video acceleration put us well ahead of Chrome on video playback time on battery, but almost the instant they broke things on YouTube, they started advertising Chrome's dominance over Edge on video-watching battery life. What makes it so sad, is that their claimed dominance was not due to ingenious optimization work by Chrome, but due to a failure of YouTube. On the whole, they only made the web slower.

So it looks like Chrome was implementing road blocks in its own backend to halt the optimizations of other browsers, Edge and FireFox to name some. What's infuriating is that this wasn't done because Chrome found better optimizations to its browser. It was specifically thrown in with malicious intent. Unacceptable.


If you've been listening to NoLife Tech, you'll know that we've all been doing our best to limit our Google usage. I personally have stopped using Chrome in favor of both Firefox and Safari. This is more for privacy concerns, but as time goes on, more concerns become valid. One thing that I do miss from Chrome is how much quicker YouTube is on its platform. Well thanks to this article from OnMSFT, I was able to find a remedy to my issue.


If you click the link embedded in that tweet from Chris Peterson, you'll be taken to an extension for Firefox. That extension implements the "old" version of YouTube (when you'll see it, you'll find it familiar). This was "pre-polymer" which is was before Chrome implemented its "opimization hurdles". And I'll tell you - after using it for more than 5 minutes, it's lightning quick. Much quicker than the "new" YouTube is on Chrome even. That said, you do lose some features. One being the new "Theater" mode, which essentially stretches the video to fit your window. Something I used often. But nonetheless the experience is more fluid. So if you're like us, and you want to move away from Chrome, make sure to follow us here on NoLife.Digital as well as on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on more optimization tweaks such as this.

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Nintendo Drops "Creator Program"

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Nintendo has always been one of the more "traditional" companies in gaming, sometimes to a fault. One of their biggest mishaps was the implementation of the "Nintendo Creators Program". This essentially made it so you must be partnered with Nintendo in order to stream and upload videos based around Nintendo games. This would ensure their brands would be preserved specifically as they wanted them to be. If you weren't apart of the Creator Program, your video would be at a very high risk of being taken down. This also ensured that Nintendo would get a cut of the revenue. Now, I understand the want to make sure fan made videos of Mario suckin' on Peach's big fat titties don't hit the internet. But that's an antiquated way of thinking about your products, especially in gaming when streaming and let's play's have entered the zeitgeist.

Fortunately for anyone who's a fan of Nintendo, they have done away with the program.

We are ending the Nintendo Creators Program (NCP) to make it easier for content creators to make and monetize videos that contain Nintendo game content. We will no longer ask creators to submit their videos to the NCP, and creators can continue showing their passion for Nintendo by following Nintendo’s guidelines, located at https://www.nintendo.co.jp/networkservice_guideline/index.html.

The NCP will come to a close at the end of December 2018. Please note that we are no longer accepting videos and channels, and will not review any that have been submitted, but not yet registered. The NCP website will be taken down on March 20, 2019.

We appreciate and encourage the continued support of content creators, and thank them for their dedication to helping us create smiles.

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

They're no longer accepting submissions for partnerships, and they're even getting rid of the website entirely. This is a great move from Nintendo. I do wonder how much their program has affected their sales, and I wonder if that was the reason for dropping the program. Because as of yet, we don't know why they got rid of it. We're just happy they did. So onward my friends! You can now upload your Ash & Brock Yaoi videos in peace!

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