Apple Updates Macbook Pro 13″ and it’s….meh.

Apple has updated their 13" model, and equipped it with 10th gen Intel & a new keyboard. That's pretty much it. Here are my thoughts...

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Twitter Introducing “Stories” feature called “Fleets”

Twitter Product lead has recently come out & shown off a new "Stories" like feature for Twitter called "Fleets". Check out the tech news here

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The Verge Releases Great Video Showing The “True” Potential of Mac Pro

The Verge recently put out a great video showcasing just how useful the new Mac Pro is for professional creators. Spoiler alert, it's not that useful.

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New 16″ Macbook Pro Edits 8k HDR ProRes Raw…Easily

The latest 16" Macbook Pro has been released, and they look extremely impressive. Check out these videos showcasing their performance in Final Cut, editing 8K HDR footage.

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Airpod Pro Audiophile Review

Airpods have been a staple in the cultural zeitgeist for a couple years now. Their new successor has appeared. Does it live up to the expected hype? Check out my full audiophile review here.

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Apple September 2019 Keynote

The latest iPhone 11 and 11 Pro's have been announced in this years Keynote. Check out my thoughts on what Apple is releasing for the end of 2019.

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Powerbeats Pro Review – The New Airpods?

Apple has released the Powerbeats Pro, which aims to compete alongside its own massively successful Airpods. But do the new wireless IEM's pack enough of a great sound and feature-set to justify its big $250 price tag? Check out this article to see what I think.

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Is the 2019 Macbook Pro the BEST Iteration of the New(Old) Design?

Apple has quietly released their new Macbook Pro's for 2019. With new 8th & 9th gen Intel silicon, and an "upgraded" keyboard, is this design finally the definitive version? Well, check out my thoughts here...

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